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Claybord & Scratchboard
Due to the Covid-19 all classes will
now resume in September 2021


10:00 am-12:30 pm

Workshop in Scratchboard
to recommence in September 2021
9:45 am to 4:00pm – Ventnor Vic.
Other workshops/demonstrations will also resume at other venues in Malvern & Wonthaggi

Scratchboard & Claybord Classes 2021 & 2022 available with
On-Line Classes

Since 2012 I have been teaching the art of Scratchboard and more recently Claybord. The classes are small, friendly and full of energy and simulation. Lots of fun for students who wish to explore a new medium, it is very rewarding and if you like detail, it is magic.

Workshops & Demonstrations

We run workshops on Wednesdays and Sundays per month. These sessions can be within a group or single environment.

The Workshops are for one day and each student will leave with a near complete piece of work that they will be immensely proud of.

The Demonstration is for two hours, gives a overview of the products and skills. It is very important and a lot of fun for the student who wishes to learn a new medium or further their drawing ability.

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I am a realist artist and have been quite successful in international and national exhibitions and have been lucky to be noticed by judges and have been privileged to have won a number of awards such as Best Paintings, Work of Excellence, Best Drawing etc over the years. I have exhibited solo and jointly since 2001.  Visit for review of artworks.

Scratchboard On-Line Classes – available now.

“Living with Hope” – Scratchboard and Ink. 14×11 inch. Rescue Koala from the 2009 Victorian Fires. This little Koala painting was commissioned by the “Living with Koalas Foundation” this year, it was completed in end of August 20, and to be auctioned early in 2021 and will be exhibited in Sydney and Los Angeles US..

Scroll down and complete the “Contact” form and the tutor will call you and discuss the class. It is a lot of fun, and with these lessons, the student will be thrilled with the result they achieve so quickly. Email – for more detail.



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